Data Science for Geoscience



This week I was at Grenoble to give a course on Data Science for Geoscience with my colleagues:

  • Pierre Tandeo,
  • Ronan Fablet,
  • Florent Chatelain,
  • and the famous President of the GRSS, Mauro Dalla Mura :)

This was the first attempt, and 22 PhD students attended the course …

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Publication in Remote Sensing

Hello everyone,

One journal publication has been accepted in Remote Sensing since the last post.

Object-based classification of grasslands from high resolution satellite image time series using gaussian mean map kernels

Nice work on Grasslands analysis done by M. Lopes. Open access can be found here: http …

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OTB Days 2017

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On [2017-06-07 Wed] I attended the OTB days 2017. I have presented what it is done actually at ENSAT during the remote sensing courses.

Then next days, I followed a short introduction with Manuel Grizonnet about “Developer session: Develop in C++ with OTB: Learn how to code …

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New publications


Two new publications have been accepted recently:

  1. Machine Learning Methods for the Inversion of Hyperspectral Images: It has been finally accepted, a quite old job but with some interesting results. The pdf is available here.
  2. Large-scale feature selection with Gaussian mixture models for the classification of …
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Senior Member

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Today I was elevated as senior member of the IEEE. Well, it is a good news for me. Many thank to Prof. Jocelyn Chanussot, Prof. Antonio Plaza and Prof. Paolo Gamba for supporting my application.

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